Charnwood Stoves 

There is nothing quite like a real fire to give that enduring warmth to your home and our wood burning and multi fuel stoves do just that. Ultra efficient and incorporating the latest and best clean-burn technologies these stoves not only look great but will heat your home in a very efficient manner. 
Wood is a renewable fuel, and therefore the environmental benefits of using a wood burner to heat your house are considerable. With high prices of oil and gas, burning wood and solid fuel to heat your home also makes great economic sense. Our leading ranges all conform to EN 13240. 
The ability of our multi fuel stoves to burn both wood and solid fuels gives you flexibility when your first choice of fuel is not available. We offer these products along with a range of fireside accessories. 
The Tor Range 
The Bay Range 
The Cove Range 
The Island Range 
The C Series 
The Country Range 
The SLX Range 
The Boiler Range 
The LA Range