Stoves from Capital Fireplaces 

All our multi-fuel and cleanburn stoves are made of cast iron or steel and are constructed for durability and maximum heat and retain heat long after the fire has diminished. They are designed with large glass windows so that that all the flames are visible and are equipped with air wash systems to keep the glass clean 
Wood is a better fuel for a stove from a environmental aspect. The amount of carbon dioxide released into the air through burning is approximately the same as the tree absorbed during its growth which results in the term Carbon Neutral. Wood is also a renewable source as most is now supplied from managed woodlands. 


Triton 450 Glass 
Sirius 490 
Sirius 790 
Sirius Qube 


Sirius 450 Inset 
Sirius 450 
Traditional Inset 
Sirius 600 Inset 
Sirius Sierra Inset 


Sirius 405 Classic
Sirius 405 Original 
Sirius 490 Sigma 
Sirius 545 Classic 
Sirius 545 Original 
Sirius 645 Original 
Sirius 790 Sigma 
Traditional Lattice